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 ====== My Cloud ====== ====== My Cloud ======
-  * owncloud +When I started building my personal cloud, I wanted several things: 
-  * NAS Lacie Network Space with custom firmware from  - Manage all my data by myself. I love Google tools, but I really want to have the full control of my data. 
 +  - Be able to have a backup of my data in two different sites in case of disaster 
 +  - Have a "cache" of my data at home in order to be able to access it even when my internet bandwith was low.
-===== On the NAS =====+This is the architecture I set up:
-have cron task that updates files from owncloud.+  * A dedicated owncloud server (
 +  * A NAS at home run by custom firmware from 
 +  * Owncloud clients: 
 +    * Raspberry pi ( runs a client in order to synchronize the server with the NAS (See [[building_owncloud_client_for_raspberry_pi|here]] how to build the owncloud client for the raspi) 
 +    * Smartphone Nexus S with automatic picture upload activated 
 +    * Several PC at home are connected to the NAS and can add files 
 +made quick test that shows the powerfullness of this cloud: 
 +  - Take a picture on my smartphone 
 +  - Wait automatic upload to the owncloud server 
 +  - Wait download to the NAS through raspberry pi 
 +The picture was available on my NAS at home only 1 minute after it has been taken without any manual action. 
 +===== Todo ===== 
 +  * Build a program for the Raspi to be able to upload automatically to the cloud pictures from my camera when the camera is detected on the USB port. 
 +  * Build a Web Interface accessible easily from my smartphone to get raspi status with some commands (reboot, owncloud client status...
 +  * Manage automatic mount of NFS share after boot, when NFS share become available (autofs?)
-Today using wget over Webdav: a synchronization tool should be more efficient. 
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