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Line 7: Line 7:
   user@ubuntumachine> X :1 -query raspberrypi.local   user@ubuntumachine> X :1 -query raspberrypi.local
-Then FIXME because it doesn't work:+Then FIXME because it doesn't work for me (I switched to VNC server):
   user@ubuntumachine>xhost +raspberrypi.local   user@ubuntumachine>xhost +raspberrypi.local
Line 19: Line 19:
 If you want to export the variable at startup, add the same line in /etc/profile. If you want to export the variable at startup, add the same line in /etc/profile.
 +This kind of issue can also be linked to a bad update of shared libraries links, usually after a manual installation. To update link, launch this command as root:
 +  ldconfig
 +===== Launch a command a startup =====
 +Just add a script in /etc/init.d
 +  nano myscript
 +  chmod +x myscript
 +And register it:
 +  sudo update-rc.d myscript defaults
 +Example for the script:
 +#! /bin/sh
 +case "$1" in
 +  start) 
 +    echo -n "Starting server: "
 +    # Run myServer in the backround, with both stdout and stderr saved in /var/log/myServer.log, and use nohup to protect against HUP signals.
 +    nohup /usr/local/Arnl/examples/myServer  >/var/log/myServer.log 2>&1 &
 +    echo "myServer"
 +    ;;
 +  stop)
 +    echo -n "Stopping all myServer processes: "
 +    killall myServer
 +    echo "myServer"
 +    ;;
 +  restart)
 +    # Re-run this script with stop and start arguments.
 +    $0 stop
 +    sleep 5
 +    $0 start 
 +    ;;
 +  reload|force-reload)
 +    echo "WARNING reload and force-reload not supported by this script
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